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Federal Association of Liberal Students (LHG)

About us

The Federal Association of Liberal Students (LHG) represents the interests of its more than 60 member groups in politics and society. The basis of the work of LHG is the autonomy of the member groups at the universities. To carry out its tasks, LHG considers participation in the committees of academic and student self-government to be indispensable.

The core of LHGs work consists of the commitment to the greatest possible freedom of every individual, which finds its limits in the freedom of others. LHG opposes the idea that individual opportunities – especially in universities and study programs – are unnecessarily restricted by administrative regulations.


The Federal Association of LHG connects students, society and politics. Through participation in political committees, through public relations work and statements, LHG influences the political discourse and direct decisions. It thus serves as an interface between the individual groups at the universities, who know the relevant issues and problems, and the actors who can influence the development.

The Federal Association of LHG connects the local groups with each other. Ideas that are formed at different times and in different places should not be lost and should be available to as many people as possible. LHG integrates the local groups into an active network, collects information and passes it on in order to facilitate the implementation of liberal ideas locally as much as possible.

The Federal Association of LHG is a service provider for the groups. It provides campaign and promotional materials, position papers and other services to the groups. He trains its members in seminars for their political activities and advises them on organizational and programmatic issues. The main work of the LHG member groups lies in the students and academic self-administration on site. The Federal Association makes this work as easy and efficient as possible.

The Federal Association of LHG represents liberal students. LHG officially represents the interests of its members at various levels. Internationally, LHG is active in the European Liberal Youth – LYMEC, especially in the European Liberal Students Network – ELSN. In Germany, for example, LHG has a seat on the board of trustees of the German National Association for Student Affairs (Deutsches Studentenwerk) and works on various university policy committees of the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The federal chairman of LHG is the university policy spokesman for the FDP, is co-opted into the federal executive board of the FDP and is entitled to speak and submit motions at party conferences.


The Federal Association of LHG was founded in Cologne on December 17th 1987 by around 40 liberal student groups. The founding groups previously belonged to various liberal university associations (Social Liberal University Association – SLH, JuLi University Groups, Liberal Student Initiative – LSI) or were independent. With the foundation for the first time (since the separation of the LSD from the FDP in 1969) there was a nationwide umbrella organization for all liberal students.


The Federal Association of LHG is constituted as an umbrella organization. Local groups are members. There is neither individual membership nor intermediary structures. In several federal states there are state associations that nominally exist parallel to the federal association. The local groups are independent of the federal and state associations in their work.

The organs of the Federal Association are the Federal Executive Board, the Federal Members‘ Assembly and the Federal Arbitration Court.

The adoption of resolutions and the election of the board of directors take place at the general assembly of members, which is usually held every six months.

LHG is independent in every form. The FDP is the parliamentary contact for LHG and LHG its ‚liberal front-end‘. The Association of Liberal Academics (VLA) is the official alumni association of LHG.